Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Happy 2018! I'm BAAACK!

Well, after a tumultuous time since the last time I posted ANYTHING at all..ANYWHERE...I shall seriously endeavour to post more regularly...again

I have, since, invested in another sewing machine - JANOME SMD 2000 - which is closer to the comfort zone of the Janome model I used in the US.  Although, I do still have my Pfaff used in previous posts & projects.

For all the time that has passed since I last posted anything here, I've hardly done any sewing it all.  However, Christmas 2017 turned out to be a frantic odyssey of creativity crammed into a less than ideal time-frame as I found myself wishing I could be in two places at once with various important appointments to get to in the weeks leading up to Christmas, which put a massive dent in my original, (more measured), plans...

On top of the above, at the eleventh hour (more like 2:00 AM), I broke a needle, which jammed in the machine (first time ever THAT has happened!) -  I was almost finished with a Christmas present for one of my family members, too! Grrr!!!  I needed my pliers! Wouldn't y'know it?! OMG! I couldn't find them anywhere! They still haven't resurfaced...I suspect that one of my brothers may have absent-mindedly wandered off with them: the tool magpie! I had to drop everything to order another pair of pliers online -- Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Oh well! I managed... And, the flames and smoke pouring out the back of my Janome "work-horse" have now gone out. ;0)

Anyway, here's a list (with pictures) of some of the things I've made... So, please be aware that this post is VERY picture-heavy!

Passport Holder

Hanging Door Organiser

Reversible Scarves with / without Pockets 


Happy 2018! I'm BAAACK!