Monday, 24 March 2014

"Too Smart For Your iPhone?"

After a first time around "whoopsies" while "winging it" with the original owl-print phone wristlet, I created this one... Woo-Hoo! 

Phew! During my first attempt at this creation, my needle-clamp screw broke; so, I had to send off for a replacement.

I thought I was going to run out of "March" before being able to successfully finish my project for this month's blog post!

My design features:

  • Exterior: high-quality cotton fun & funky owl print fabric
  • Interior: plain black cotton flannel 
  • Red ruffle with double-sided binding
  • Black webbing strap
  • Red wooden bead
 This time, I took basic measurements of the phone: 3 inches x 5 inche. Then, added an extra inch to each measurement for the half-inch seam allowance.

Using the above measurements: from a sheet of paper, I cut out a 4-inch x 6-inch rectangle; which became my pattern for the four rectangles needed: 2x owl print material, 2x plain black flannel.

Beginning with the black interior pocket, I placed the two rectangles of black flannel, right-sides facing, making sure the edges were in line with each other. 

 Carefully, I pinned three sides. using the half-inch seam allowance all the way around.  For the top opening, where the phone slides in, I folded the material twice at a quarter inch, then pinned in place.

I sewed the double-edge of both top seams first.  Then, beginning at the top, I sewed the three sides together using a half-inch seam allowance all the way around.

I set the newly created black inner pocket aside, and repeated the steps for the owl-print fabric for the exterior.
Next, I turned the printed pocket right side out, and placed the black inner pocket inside, and lined up the top edges of both pockets evenly.  I also made sure that the bottom corners of each pocket were neat.

I measured and cut 12 inches of black webbing for the strap-handle, and 4 inches of red ruffle.  The red wooden bead was left over from a previous craft idea, and I just thought it added a fun touch to the overall design.  I threaded the webbing strap through the bead,  Because webbing ends tend to fray when cut, I used the double-folded edge again, (as above), to help keep them neat and sturdy.

Next, I looped the strap and inserted the ends about half-inch between the top edges of the pockets at the side seam for neatness.  I hand-sewed it in place.
 Now for the red-ruffly bit! I looped it to make a circle, and pinned the ends together with half-inch seam allowance on both ends.  I machine-sewed the ends together, and turned the ruffle circle right side out.  Voila! a neat ruffle, with an almost invisible seam.  I slipped the ruffle over the pouch, very carefully lining up the top edge of the ruffle binding with the top edges of the interior and exterior pockets.  My ruffle had double-sided binding, so I attached the frilly ruffle to the phone purse by hand-sewing the underside binding all around, sandwiching the stitches between the double-sided binding edges so that they're hidden.  I made sure the ruffle's seam edge was tucked out of sight at the previously sewn strap.
I actually made this for my long-suffering sister-in-law, who chose the colourful owl print.

At slight risk of ruffling a few feathers, perhaps, it would be "frillingly" wise to ask if the bright owls on this cute phone purse are
"Too Smart For Your iPhone?" ;o)